the illusion of fact

The ResCollecTiVU is an alternative bi-annual publication and performance series through the RCAH, MSU, and the surrounding community. Showcasing dynamic, inventive, and provocative work of all mediums, including poetry, music, photography, theater, media art, video, sound constructions, spoken word art, graphics, dance, installations, paper play, webart, and sculpture.

Shari Baker and Mark Valentine Sullivan were invited, to contribute a series of photographic submissions in the ‘Digital History’ category.

The images looked at what it means to digitize memories, collections, historical documents, photos, letters, or voices in an effort to preserve them and their stories. This submission considered the question of documentary, what would and should we preserve, and why. We chose to submit a series of photographic montages, as an exploration into the concept of ‘illusion’ as it relates to factual documentary. How the memory and the image, can play tricks. The sources images were from two eras, but were sandwiched together to create the illusion of a single memory, from two very different sources. The submission was addressing the concept of digital history.

The magazine is available here.


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