Beeval is a collaborative platform for artists Shari Baker and Mark Valentine Sullivan.

Shari Baker, video artist and educator, with a passion for story making, magic and imaginative play, uses time based media – photography, video and sound – to develop visual and audio experiences for live installation and screen based art.  Using media in its multi-sensory role to engage individuals and groups towards inspiring imagination and creativity, while stimulating inquiry and dialogue within community and educational settings. Working with still and moving image – both digital and alternative processes – she continues to explore the creative potential of capturing light, over time. Her work combines both the whimsical and the provocative and has been exhibited, in live and virtual spaces, worldwide.

Mark Valentine Sullivan, a composer working with sound, with photographs, and with multimedia compositions, has performed and exhibited around the globe. He continues his creative research into the relationship between music, language, and movement, between still images and sound, and between the language shared between the visual and the acoustic, and has pursued projects relating to a wide range of experimental practices in music, photography, and aesthetics. He has been closely involved, for twenty years, in schools and a range of communities, fostering imaginative and critical understanding of artistic activity.


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